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Welcome To the Purebred Rabbit Rescue!
This is the home of the Purebred Rabbit Rescue. The goal of this organization is to find forever homes for purebred rabbits in need.
How Can You Adopt?
If you are interested in adopting one of our rabbits, please contact us by phone, email, or postal mail. You will be asked to sign a contract verifying that you will provide a safe and caring home for the rabbit. The adoption fee for all rabbits is twenty dollars. This includes the rabbit and a care packet.
Finding homes for rabbits in need

Why do so Many Rabbits Need Homes?
Many rabbits are bred for pet, show, and meat every year. Rabbits that are bought for pets sometimes are given up for various reasons. Rabbits that are bred for show are often given away or sold if they don't quite meet the show standards. Still more rabbits are bred for consumption by people and other animals. All these rabbits are deserving of homes. It is PRR's purpose to find these rabbits, rehab them, and adopt them out to loving families.
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Arlington Pet Expo!
It was great to see so many people stop by our booth this year! Many people who adopted rabbits from PRR came to say hello. We had a lot of people interested in rabbits come by to pick up some information. Thanks to all the volunteers that came to help in the booth. We had a lot of fun!

Make a difference!
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